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At Mindsight Centre we believe it is important that treatment is tailored to your needs. There is no standard therapy nor ‘one size fits all' type solution. Rather, we draw upon elements from a range of therapies to give you an amalgamated approach to suit your specific situation. We can also offer counselling online, if you are unable to come to our centre in Brentford.




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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive behaviour therapy is recommended by the NICE guidelines (evidence based recommendations on how healthcare professionals should care for people with specific conditions) for most psychological issues. Cognitive behaviour therapy is a goal orientated approach that considers the interaction (and identifies the vicious cycle) between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Cognitive behaviour therapy works by identifying negative patterns and challenging these. Once we can identify the underlying triggers, cognitive behaviour therapy will give you the tools to help you manage your issues in a positive way. If you would like to learn more about CBT counselling in Brentford, Ealing and Hammersmith, get in touch with us at Mindsight Centre.

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Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on unconscious fears and thoughts that cause current behaviours and problems. The therapy will look into your past experiences, relationships and behaviours and understand how these have caused your current emotional issues. From this, you will gain a deeper insight into the person you are today.

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Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused therapy is a brief form of counselling which focuses on the resolution as opposed to your problem. Rather than examining past issues, emphasis is placed on the future and how you can achieve your goals. As such, attention is drawn to your goals or objectives, and the steps that need to be taken to bring these to fruition. This form of therapy is shorter in nature, but is often incorporated into other treatments.

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Person-Centred Therapy

Person-centred therapy focuses on your conscious experiences rather than the therapist making interpretations. This therapy is non directive, where the emphasis is on your own ability to change your attitudes and behaviour.

The underlying principle of this approach is that people have an instinctive ability to move in a positive direction towards growth and healing. The therapist's role is to help you form a clearer picture of yourself and your potential by creating a non-judgemental and open environment.

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Existential Therapy

Existential therapy explores difficulties that we face from a philosophical perspective, focusing on you as a whole rather than just your symptoms. Emphasis is placed on free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning. This therapeutic approach stresses the following points:

  • All individuals have the ability for self-awareness.
  • Each person has a unique identity that can be known only through relationships with others.
  • People must continually re-create themselves because life's meaning constantly changes.
  • Anxiety is part of the human condition.

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We offer a range of fees to reflect different circumstances. Our prices range from £70 to £100 per session. 

  • Our  £70  fee applies to online appointments that start before 4pm on Mondays to Fridays dependent upon the individuals circumstances.

All sessions, including assessments or first meetings, are charged at the same rate. For clinical supervision quotes please get in touch.

If you have any questions about our fees or our CBT counselling in Brentford, get in touch with us at Mindsight Centre.

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